Commercial Foundation Repair

Not only do we assist homeowners with foundation repairs, but we also help business owners. We understand that businesses will likely receive more visitors that residential homes. For his reason, you want to secure your foundation to avoid potential lawsuits in case of injury and to keep customers invested in your business so that you may increase profit. We assist clients with affordable options to ensure that their home or commercial investment is secured. Our contractors study the soil around your property to ensure that all is being built on solid ground.

Typical Commercial Foundation Problems

Our team has the skills to help you land well on your feet. We understand the pressures that business owners endure. Don’t fret about losing out on clients. We are used to dealing with commercial space foundation issues. Commercial spaces tend to be bigger which means the weight of the building can wear on the foundation beneath the building. We also recognize soil issues as the leading cause of foundational collapse, corrosion, and rot. Additionally, commercial foundation problems are often the result of soil issues such as shrinkage or too much moisture. We are here to help you with your foundation problem to assure that your business can stand on solid ground.

Signs of Foundation Issues

When operating a business, it can be difficult to assess whether there are undergirding issues with the facility. One way to have an idea as to whether or not your business needs foundational repairs is if the floor is uneven, whether exposed brick is chipping away, if you feel as though you might sink through the floor, and if there is a pungent odor coming from your floor. We can help you avoid exorbitant costs. Don’t take cracks gaps in your wall or floor foundations lightly. These are signs of more serious problems. Allow us to help you.

Commercial Spaces Pose More Foundational Problems

Commercial foundations of all sorts are prone to many different foundation problems. Given the fact that many commercial spaces take up more square footage than residential spaces, there more areas that can be prone to damage such as cracks in the concrete slabs as well as soil conditions that are not conducive to a strong foundation. You deserve assistance with water leak issues or your floor suddenly feeling less sturdy and as though you could fall through. You deserve better than this and so do you customers.

Our Solutions

We specialize in offering you solutions that will assist with your most immediate commercial foundation needs. We assist with issues of sinking through a method called underpinning. We push steel piers into the ground so that your commercial space is not totally dependent on the stability of the soul. Through resting your foundation on the steel piers, you are offered more foundation durability. Soil-nailing is also a method we use to stabilize foundation walls. Call our team today so that we can figure out what problems you’re having and devise the best solution plan to fit your needs.

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