Concrete Slab Repair

Concrete slab repair is one of our greatest repairs. We understand that slabs are a major part of home foundations, and we also understand that concrete is one of the most durable materials. When concrete slabs are corroded or damaged in general, your foundation can appear ruined. Your smooth walk upon your floor is suddenly unleveled. We are here to restore your hope in concrete. Our expert contractors will get you walking on solid ground again. You won’t regret calling us. We not only restore your concrete slab, but we restore your hope in your home or business.

Warm Regions

Warmer regions of homes are more susceptible to concrete slab damage. The reason for this is because the amount of heat soil receives determines its texture. For example, after a huge rain, soil will become mud. However, if the sun shines down brightly on the soil, the soil can become firmer. However, if there are trees or flowers growing beneath the concrete slab, there is a stronger chance that the foundation will weaken because of the moisture that is being absorbed beneath the foundation. Learn more about how the environment of your foundation can impact your concrete slab. We take special measures to secure the area upon installation or repair.

Signs of Concrete Slab Damage

There are numerous signs of concrete slab damage. Just because you can’t see your slabs that doesn’t mean there aren’t warning signs that you should take heed to. If you feel as though you could fall through your floor foundation or if you feel as though your floor is not leveled, these are warning signs. Allow our team of experts to evaluate the problem and offer you the top solutions in this line of work. Sometimes the concrete beneath the surface of the floor can crack from old age, being worn down, or water exposure. This create an awful floor appearance for those who wish to expose their concrete floor.

Helical Piles

Helical piles are used as a defense against concrete slab damage. We simply place them beneath your foundation to give you an added layer of security. It takes a couple of days for the foundation to totally set, but afterward you will be delighted with your results. If you want to ensure that your foundation will be secure, invest in our helical piles. We recommend this option to all our clients. Our dedicated team of professionals can assist with these foundations without you ever needing to leave the premise. Helical pins are essentially the underpinning foundation for many floors. Although not always used, we have seen the durability of floors with this installation.


Pop outs refer to structural blemishes that are often overlooked by property owners. Afterall, who can really see the problem with their foundation when walking on a nicely toweled or carpeted floor? Pop-outs are when the concrete base detaches a bit from the slab. They are considered a blemish because they don’t impact the way the foundation functions—it is more so an aesthetic issue. Although pop-out issues are often benign and largely worked on, today, because of the exposed concrete floor aesthetic that is desired, pop-outs can have other effects. One way to repair-pop outs is to address the areas of broken rock because other parts of the foundation can become less secure as a result.

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