Drainage Repair

Drainage repair is essential if you want to avoid structural dilemmas. Excess water can break down the foundational materials used to secure your home or business. An uneven home foundation can tamper with your overall home experience. Additionally, in cases of natural disaster, your home can be more susceptible to damage than a home that has been properly planned. Our foundation experts care about the floor beneath you. Signs of a weak foundation are when there is a gap between your foundation materials. If you suspect there is a foundation problem within your home, call our experts to receive an expert opinion.

Proper Foundation Drainage

Too much exposure to water can destroy a foundation, causing it to lift and can lead to a walkway that is less secure for you. You may not be able to see the impact your poor drainage system is having but the soil beneath your home is likely beginning to rise which is impacting the stability of your concrete base. It is pertinent to have a drainage system that takes care of the possibility of having excess water in an area of your home. Our dedicated staff will walk you through our repair steps and allow you to see the drainage systems installed so that you don’t have to worry about falling through the floor we’ve worked to make more secure for you.

Heavy Rains Dallas is prone to heavy rains which is part of why we saw the necessity of our business in this region. We don’t want another home to suffer the consequence of existing in a warm region with lot of precipitation. If water remains near the surface of your ground after a heavy rain, there’s a chance that you don’t have a strong drainage system within your home. Another sign that you need to evaluate your drainage system is if the mud near your home remains soft hours after a heavy rain. Start to look out for the signs that you may have a foundational problem and allow us to take care of the rest.

Improved Assistance

We offer improved assistance for your drainage issues. We don’t rely on quick fix-it schemes like many outer companies. We give you a thorough evaluation of your problem, and we show you the ways in which we intend to address the issue. Drainage issues and gutters work together. You need gutters to make sure that water is circulating and being deposited where it should be. After we evaluate your gutters and downspouts, we can better assess the work that you need to have completed. Creating ground slopes that move away from your foundation can allow room for water to drain well. Lastly, new drains are installed.

Styles of Drains

There are various styles of drains that can fit your aesthetic needs. You may need a shallow drain so that the water can easily reach its resting place. However, some people desire a certain drain style. French drains, for example, are made to remove water below ground.
There are also underground slab drains which requires that tunnels are dug underground to assist with drainage. This is less common, but we have the team and skills to complete the job that must be done. We can assist you with whatever style of drain you need. Let us share options with you.

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