Pier & Beam Repair

Structural issues are inevitable especially in older homes or homes that have not undergone proper evaluation to ensure that all systems are working adequately to protect you against disaster. Beneath the floor you stand on are piers and beams, often made of steel. This steel foundation is intended to be durable so that you can feel leveled when you walk, but what happens when this structure fails? If you ever felt as though your home was slightly slanted, you should waste no further time pondering. Contact us, and we can let you know exactly what the issue is.

Failing Support

You’ve called us because your support system is failing you. And no, we’re not talking about family and friends. We’re talking about the support you believed you would be afforded after you made your home or commercial space purchase. This is an issue that often needs pier and beam repair Your support system is your ground level support. You deserve to walk on solid ground or solid floor. If you feel imbalanced or as if there may be possible corrosions beneath you, you could be right. Allow our team to come out and investigate the problem.

Uneven Floor Panel

Having a home is a major investment, and we want to make sure you are walking on solid ground. An uneven home foundation can tamper with your overall home experience. When hurricanes, earthquakes, or tornados occur, homes without a proper foundation often incur flood damages the most. Our team takes an inventory of the weather conditions that your home area is most susceptible to, and we take preventive measures to help secure your investment. Signs of a weak foundation are when there is a gap between your foundation materials. If you suspect there is a foundation problem within your home, call our experts to receive an expert opinion.

We Help Solve Various Floor Problems

You name the issue and we’ll be here to your aid. Do you feel as though your property is slanting? Does the surface of your floor feel as though it is lifted in some areas and dipping in others? Is there an unidentified odor permeating from your floor? These are all signs that you need a team of experts to help set up your foundation properly. We assist with column installation that are sure to balance out all the issues you’ve had before. Our beams will be used in place of columns to give you more structural support. No more wood used for your base. Trust in our concrete solutions.

The Heavy Duty Work

Leave it to our business to handle the heavy-duty work, although for us, this work is a sure pleasure to complete. We know that this work can seem complex to others because it demands that contractors go beneath the surface. Considering many people are ignorant of infrastructural issues when purchasing a home, property owners and real estate agents take advantage of that ignorance. In cases of natural disaster, your home can be more susceptible to damage than a home that has been properly planned. Allow us to fix the problem so that you are never a victim of your lack of knowledge concerning home foundations.

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